9/11 and Popular Culture
Comics dealing with the 9/11 attacks

The comic shows Captain America standing above the skyline of New York City in front of a colourful sky.

In the background, at the bottom, you can see the skyline of New York without the twin towers of the World Trade Center. From the place where they stood, in the middle at the bottom, smoke is rising, which is spreading into the sky in the centre of the picture.

Captain America kneels right in the rubble. The figure of Captain America is an important one. In World War II, he fought against the Nazis and other rebells but died after that war. Now he failed a second time after the attacks of 9/11. He wears his traditional blue-white-red clothes with the stars and stripes, which stand for America and ist citizens. In his left hand, he holds the unbreakable shield and his right hand covers his face. This gesture shows his desperate feelings and that he is ashamed of what happened and that he was not able to prevent it.

The colours of the sky in the background yellow, red, orange show the sky of a daening morning. This is probably the morning after the attacks and the artist used the colours to symbolize a new beginning.